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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 19, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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i can trust these guys. they're not all heinous. >> let's face it. there is a lot of political pressure mounting right now. i mean, any way you look at it goldman sachs comes out of this looking like a big bad guy. a lot of fingers pointed at goldman of course over the course of the last year. it's an easy company for main street america to hate. so now all of a sudden all of this attention on, you know, potentially, allegedly goldman sachs defrauding its investors. and this gets washington angry and rightly so. it gets main street america angry. and people are saying, something has got to be done. that's when the politicians step in. >> i'm trying to do a whole show on the anger is out of control but yet in this instance. okay. i'm a guy paying my bills, paying my credit card bills. as i understand this, billionaire john paulson, okay? who basically gets in bed with goldman sachs and says i'm going to go out and find the worst mortgages i can find. you're going to help me put this product together. i'm going to bet against it. ha ha. by the way other guys at goldman sachs go out and sell it to your
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customers while i'm shorting it. how do they explain that as anything other than fraud? the fact that paulson was putting this product together? >> i don't think he possibly can. >> aren't they saying every institution bets on both sides? >> in other words you've got a situation where people that were investing in pension funds, i mean, main street america gets hurt by this. if you had a pension fund invested in one of these vehicles you get hurt as a result. and at the end of the day, it's just not a fair playing field. i mean, if they're misrepresenting what they're selling, how can that be considered fair? and i'm capitalist. you're a capitalist, right? you need the system to work and you need rules and if they did what the sec is alleging here they clearly didn't follow the rules. >> trish regan, appreciate it. i want to bring in a good friend of mine, a man of the people, one of the best guys around, jim cramer host of "mad money." how are you buddy? >> great donny that you have this show this week. you've tapped into exactly what people feel. anger across the board.
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no matter what. >> okay. but, jim, help me. let's try and -- it's very easy to throw stones at this point. >> right. >> i want you to defend for a moment goldman sachs and say you know what? i worked at this company. >> okay. >> there's a lot of -- we're cleaning it up. if i'm watching this, how can i not be angry? look at these guys, look at what these thieves do. defend goldman. >> all right. i will defend goldman. it's true that i worked there at one point in my career and they gave me my start. i do think they will lose this lawsuit but let's put that aside for a second. goldman sachs created along with aca which is an insurer and paulson something that allowed you to take either side of the trade. no one told you that you had to bet in favor of housing. no one told you you had to bet against it. they were all sophisticated investors. in every case goldman sachs disagrees with a lot of the accusations that have been made, particularly that this basket was put together by paulson. it says it was put together with input from paulson.
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so if we take that as a given, it is very difficult to see where the sec goes with this case and whether it was split -- the commission voted 3-2 go after goldman, along democratic party lines. >> isn't there a moment in time, i go back to drexel and milken where at some point somebody is playing too much of the house and the correction has to happen? isn't this a moment in time for the zeit guys, for all of us, where goldman needs the beating? in a strange way for the good, that there needs to be the correction happening here? doesn't that almost need to be happening for the greater good? >> a lot of people -- if you go back and study the case, the milken case, it's very clear that the government threw everything at milken. why? in part i felt for catharsis sake. milken refused to heal so to speak. he refused to go to the government and say i'm sorry for what i did.
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for that they threw the book at him. i feel like goldman's refusal to say, i'm sorry for what i did, is why the sec came at them so hard. what i do find interesting is goldman is defending itself. typically goldman just lays down and plays the sleeping dog and says do whatever we want because goldman feels it has such a strong case. it is just ridiculous to go against the sec because what'll happen is that unless goldman gets a jury of its peers which is made up of 800 fifth avenue which i don't think you'll get because that's not what a jury looks like then i think goldman has to lose. we need some villains here. they're public enemy number one. not since mao have i seen a less sympathetic defendant. >> shouldn't lloyd blankfein -- obviously he's a bright guy. i'm going to be the agent of change. i'm not going to say this is a gray area. the sec is going after us. why don't you go after the other guys? i'm going to say there is a lot broken here. we have a firm of tens of
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thousands of people. 99% of them are good. i want to be one of the guys that cleans it up. we'll restructure goldman. derivatives are going away. blah, blah, blah. wouldn't that be a visionary leader at this point and protect his company at the same time and maybe get people a little less angry? >> i think without going into the specifics of what, you know, that goldman does believe this guy didn't do anything wrong but just saying you know what? from now on everything we do you're going to see. we'll list everything on the new york stock exchange or on the chicago merck. there will be no hidden derivatives. we hear the message of washington. jamie dimon does very much of this in his annual report. not all the way. i think we'd say you know what? goldman gets it and right now it feels like goldman doesn't get it. >> jim, we'll take a break. when we come back i want you to give the pulpit to investors, a guy worth $5,000, $5 million, and who is kind of doubting the system and is angry at heliport want you to talk them off that cliff. and say here is what is right and why it's working.
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things have got to change in the way that they do business and one of them i think is really let bankers do the traditional banking of lending money and having them be backed by the federal government, the fdic. people want to engage in all this other stuff we've been reading about just don't have the taxpayers involved. let them take their own risks. >> republican senator john mccain appearing suggesting congress bring back the glass/steagall act which
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prohibited commercial banks from engaging in the investment bank business. jim cramer, i gave you a challenge before the bank. i'm hard pressed to think how you'll do it. right now i'm believing goldman, believing morgan stanley. they all play the same game and they're all delusional. i don't think they're doing anything wrong. please make me a little less angry sir. >> i talked today in a 7th grade middle school in brooklyn for teach for america. inner city school, queens collegiate, really fabulous school. i asked people what they thought of wall street. they said all crooks. one kid said it was rigged. they obviously get away with everything. i tried to explain to them that in the end you can't own money in a checking account and make any money. gold has gone up. these were difficult concepts. i tried to use simple procedures. real estate not coming back. that in the end stocks remain the best game in town and you always have rotten apples. every single era has rotten apples. the goal is to avoid the rotten apples and realize that there are some riggings.
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donny, some things are rigged. >> in every business. okay. rotten apples. jim cramer you're in charge of regulatory reform. you have geithner's ear. tell him what needs to be in there that's not. tell him what needs to be taken out, what's already in there. make it work, buddy. >> all right. transparency, transparency, transparency. when you look at what happened with lehman baer they hid what was wrong. people who hide things should go to jail. if they made it so that everybody had to show what they did and put it on the board, show the transactions, this stuff goes away. we just need to know more. we would never have given lehman any money and let them be able to raise money. we'd never let bear raise money. they got to stop hiding things. that's really the message. the justice told us sun light is the best disinfectant. i'm still with him. >> if we wind back the clock, new reform should i have known if i was buying these cdos from goldman that john paulson was one of the architects? in the new regulatory world
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would that be in there? >> no. i worked at goldman. that's proprietary. >> in reality, if i'm guy buying this stuff, don't you think that's an important piece of information? >> you are never allowed to know. i bought whole baskets from fidelity which is a great investor. i shorted things that sorrows wanted to buy. you're not allowed to give that information. that's how you get fired. i went to my goldman contacts and said had i given this guy's name up they would have fired me. >> i'm not talking about two sides of the trade. i'm talking about a guy outside of goldman instrumental in building that product they sold. there is a big difference between which side you're betting on and the guy that put it into the house. >> is there really? every basket i ever put together or shorted was put together by me with a nominal interference from goldman. that's the way the baskets are designed. i've designed a lot of baskets and mostly it was just a tale or two of customers need and i was never allowed to reveal. i don't know why the sec thinks this is a revelation.
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they've been doing that for years. this is not new. it just sounds bad. absolutely. sounds awful. but that's what people have been doing. i was in the game in the '80s. >> jim, you're not giving me enough. i'm going on here saying, just listen to me, you know what? i need a little something other than just goldman doesn't think they did anything wrong and this is the way it is. there's always going to be rigging. help me to the people that are watching this out there that are angry because we do know they need to invest in wall street. >> right. >> we do know that if goldman is going backwards their i.r.a.s are so give me something a little more, i won't say a spanking but something that makes me feel a little better and less angry. >> the only thing i can tell you that should make you feel less angry is if we got what barney frank wanted a lot of this stuff would have been revealed. in other words, there is a government. and the government is doing a good job. treasury is doing a good job. the congress is doing a good job. the pushback from wall street is ridiculous. they should really say you know what? thank you american people for
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saving us and we're sorry. which is what vikram pandit from citigroup said. i want to hear it from anybody. i want to hear what vikram pandit said on the lips of everybody on wall street and then i think we'll feel better. but they're not. only vikram is saying it. what an honorable guy he is. >> jim cramer, you are the best. jim is a man of the people. he screams a lot. but underneath it is a heart of gold. his heart is in the right direction. if we had all jim cramers on wall street we'd be okay. >> thank you, donny. >> be sure to catch "mad money" at 6:00 p.m. eastern week nights. u.s. iraqi forces dealt a major blow to al qaeda. and vice president biden says it could be potentially devastating to the terror network. it has been 15 years since the deadliest act of domestic terrorism rocked the u.s. are we any better off today? "america the angry" the anger is brewing. can we stop it before the next nut job does something stupid? don't go anywhere. dad, here, look at this. your p.a.d. isn't just poor circulation in your legs causing you pain.
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it is day five of the volcanic ash crisis and finally planes are fueling up to get back into the sky and tomorrow air space above england will reopen. it's been the longest travel delay since world war ii. even as flights get back ontrack there are fears a second volcano could erupt. nbc's dawna friesen is in london. about 1/3 of the planes got back enroute today but you still have tens of thousands of passengers stranded. what are they doing for those folks at heathrow and the other airports throughout europe? >> reporter: well, not a lot at heathrow. it's deserted right now. so i think what a lot of airlines have tried to do is put people up in hotels, pay some of their costs and expenses for food, that sort of thing. a lot of people are struggling because they've been away from home for so long they're just running out of money. a lot of them are trying to get home any way they can so they're spending a lot of money on renting cars, paying train fares, getting on buses. that sort of thing. so a lot of people pretty miffed. >> and the royal navy is to the
3:19 pm
rescue of stranded passengers. tell us what the navy is up to. >> reporter: yeah. the navy is going to send three naval ships to rescue people including an aircraft carrier. now, these are going to take some time to get to their destinations to pick up the stranded brits, about 150,000 stranded on the continent. and it would be amazing to get home on an aircraft carrier especially if you have kids. it would be a once in a lifetime adventure. what a lot of people in britain are saying is they're a bit cynical about it, think it's politically motivated because there is an election going on right now and they think perhaps the prime minister has sent this as a grand gesture to say, look. we're coming to your rescue when, in fact, it might take quite a while for these ships to get there and by then the planes might be flying again. >> about a billion bucks lost for the airline industry as far as this. there's been some forecasts that another few days of this and they'll be looking for government assistance. what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah. they've already asked in fact. they're putting so much pressure on the authorities to reopen the
3:20 pm
air space that today european airlines led by british airways said we need compensation. we're losing so much money. you know, with the high fuel prices that they've dealt with, with the recession already having a huge impact on them, they say that they really need some compensation. and you know, we're talking about a billion dollars. it was vladimir putin in russia said today if this carries on for too much longer aeroflaut might be the only airline left flying which is an over statement of course but the airlines are really furious. of course, the bottom line is safety. it's a matter of life and death. no one wants to make the decision to go up there if there's still volcanic ash that could clog plane engines. so we're going to see some slow progress tomorrow to where it's getting planes in the sky. eu transport ministers have agreed to these kind of caution zones they're going to set up. how exactly that's going to be administered or figured out i don't know but they're saying that they will allow some planes
3:21 pm
to fly in these areas in the air space that they believe to be clear of volcanic ash. we should see more planes in the sky tomorrow. though we've said that before haven't we? and it hasn't happened. >> all right. dawna friesen, appreciate it. now let's turn to look at other stories in the news. >> today the u.s. military confirms two al qaeda leaders have been killed in iraq, killed in a joint iraqi/u.s. aid on their safe house near tikrit. vice president joe biden says this is a potentially devastating blow to the terrorist organization. >> as this action demonstrates the improved security strength and capacity of iraqi security forces. the iraqis led this operation. and it was based on intelligence the iraqi security forces themselves developed following their capture of a senior aqi leader last month. >> the vice president said one u.s. soldier was killed during the raid. democrats today are hoping the public outrage at goldman
3:22 pm
sachs will help them pass financial reform. senate banking committee chairman christopher dodd says the civil fraud charges against goldman should be enough to get at least a few republicans onboard. >> our bill would have prevented that kind of event from happening in my view. that's what the public needs to know. by not enacting our legislation, by filibustering it, stopping it, we leave the american public vulnerable once again. >> so far republicans have been unified in their opposition to the financial overhaul bill arguing it continues to provide bailouts for big banks. and the associated press reports toyota will recall 6,000 of its lexus gx 460 models. an official says the recall concerns potential problems with the vehicle rolling over. the 2010 model went on sale last december. "consumer reports" issued a don't buy warning on the lexus suv just last week. and the shuttle "discovery" said good-bye to the international space station today but the crew will have to
3:23 pm
wait another day to get back to earth. the weather at kennedy space center did not clear up in time for the planned shuttle landing this morning. they'll try again tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. eastern. and today marks the remembrance of one of the darkest days in american history t's been 15 years since the oklahoma city bombing. the 168 victims were remembered today with 168 seconds of silence. homeland security secretary janet napolitano was at the memorial. tonight rachel maddow hosts "the mcveigh tapes, confessions of an american terrorist" at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. you don't want to miss it. now to politics locked and loaded with two separate gun right rallies today near the nation's capital. this comes on the heels of new pew research poll showing 4 of 5 americans do not trust the government. today protesters at the restore the constitution rally are carrying their guns and signs about freedom as a sign of unity. the group is gathering at
3:24 pm
virginia's national park off the potomac river, the closest point to d.c. that you can still legally carry a gun. but at the second amendment march at the washington monument no guns are allowed. in fact, that's why the group is marching and that's where we find nbc's brian mooar. what are the messages coming out of the rally today? >> reporter: the day-long rally is just wrapping up on the grounds of the washington monument. some of the people here are saying it really shouldn't be news that people, americans are exercising their constitutional rights but they say they are here today to send a very strong statement to their government that they will not give up their guns without a fight, that the second amendment means something, it's in the constitution for a reason, and they say that they are patriots here to defend themselves and defend those rights. now, it's interesting that across the potomac river in northern virginia these protesters were able to bring their unloaded rifles and loaded hand guns at their side, holstered, and this is because of a law that was signed
3:25 pm
recently by president obama. in fact, some gun control advocates say that the president has a flunking grade in that subject and would like to see him tighten those laws up so the gun control debate rages on in the nation's capital. >> thank you very much. now back to donny. >> thank you. boy, maybe, just a suggestion to some of the gun folks, that hey, wow, for the first time you can carry a gun in a national park. maybe obama isn't such a bad guy. i mean, we've just got to get out of the trenches here. >> stop being angry. >> well you can be angry but let's understand what's going on here and maybe we'll be a little less angry. appreciate it. today is the 15th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing. president bill clinton and others warned that what happened then could happen unless we start watching our words. we'll look into whether a real threat exists. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal.
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i'm julia boorstin with your cnbc market wrap.
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here's a look at how stocks are trading today. we have the dow industrials trading up about 65 points. s&p 500 also up nearly four points and the nasdaq down about 4.5 points. citigroup is thanking american taxpayers today. the big bank earned $4.4 billion in the first quarter. that's compared to a loss of $696 million a year ago. citi's ceo vikram pandit says the company's success could not be possible without the assistance of the american public and t.a.r.p. loonls. nissan will begin taking reservations tomorrow for its much anticipated leaf electric car but interested buyers have to preregister on the company website today to be given priority status. nissan says 115,000 people are already interested and is asking potential buyers for a refundable $99 deposit in order to reserve a car. the leaf is priced just under $33,000 and goes on sale at the end of the year. that's it from cnbc. donny, back to you.
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welcome back to msnbc. i'm donny deutsch. i'll be here all week during this hour with a special focus "america the angry." we have become a nation of finger pointers and rage-a-holics with a list of grievances against the government, our parents, our kids, you name it. i'm looking at what makes this cultural shift and what it might mean for america and let's get right back to it. today marks the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the federal building in oklahoma city. that murdered 168 people including 19 children and remains the worst act of domestic terrorism in the nation's history and was the direct result of ainger at the government. april 19th has been a very dark day in america. in '92 three people died in the siege on ruby ridge, idaho. one year later 82 people died at the ranch at the branch davidian compound in waco, texas and two years later oklahoma city, all on this day. frank keating is the former governor of oklahoma and president of the american council of life insurers and kevin jackson is the author of
3:31 pm
"the big black lie" and peter wood is the author of "a bee in the mouth anger in america now." this is a little different than what happens on cable tv. i'll challenge each of you to play a little bit of the other side. maybe there are two sides to a lot of views. maybe purple is a sexier color than blue or red. former governor keating i want to start with you. president clinton came out and said that, you know, there is a lot going on right now that feels preoklahoma city, then of course rush limbaugh came back at him and said it's all on your shoulders from here on in. what do you see today versus what you felt in the days, weeks, months leading up to that horrible tragedy? >> donny, with all due respect to president clinton i as a former fbi agent, i was the first ranking u.s. attorney confirmed and supervised most of the federal law enforcement establishment from the secret service, customs, atf, u.s. marshals and the like at both justice and treasury so i see a larger sweep. i mean, the tax protest
3:32 pm
movement, obviously that was a significant, remains a significant source of anger and frustration. back in the '70s when i was an fbi agent in san francisco there was nothing more violent and angry than the sds, the weather fugitives and underground. those people wanted to destroy the united states as well. so you always have an american history, a common denominator, anger and hostility at tax collectors and government. but you rarely cross the line into violence. that's when legitimate first amendment rights end. but with all due respect to president clinton, there has always been anger in society. here in oklahoma city mcveigh somehow or other was freaked out over what happened in waco with the branch davidian compound two years earlier and he did this mayhem act here in oklahoma city and killed 168 of my neighbors and friends. but, unfortunately, it's not infrequent in american history and, fortunately, of course,
3:33 pm
most people are excellent citizens and hopefully will blow the whistle on people, the crazies like those that did this act here. >> governor keating, i wish i agreed with you that this time doesn't feel any different than any other times. peter wood, you talk about new anger old anger. the old anger was the days where almost angry gary cooper type angry was not masculine, was not the way -- you didn't show the anger. you kind of kept it inside. and now anger, in your face anger, self-serving anger is in vogue. doesn't that lead to potentially a lot more oklahoma citys than what mr. keating is saying than any other point in time. >> no. i don't think so. i think governor keating is right that explosions of anger into violence have always happened, that anger, itself, doesn't necessarily lead to violence, and this exuberant kind of anger now where it feels good to be angry and tearing off verbally at other people doesn't necessarily mean we're going to start blowing up more buildings. >> kevin, i guess, boy.
3:34 pm
you guys are feeling something different, seeing something different, watching different kind of tv shows. am i crazy or is the level of vitriol that one would suggest is a precursor to violent acts, it is a heightened sense at least in my adult lifetime. am i the only one feeling this? >> yeah. i think you may be. i certainly don't sense that at all. i think people are angry that the government is not listening to them and they're doing -- exercising their constitutional rights to assemble and to address these grievances. but i don't really get the feeling that anybody is going over the edge with this. in fact, i think the passive anger of the left sometimes goes unnoticed, for example -- >> kevin, let me interrupt you a second. i'm not talking left or right. i'm talking about a guy who flew a plane into an irs building a couple months ago because of a tax issue. i don't know whether he was republican or democrat.
3:35 pm
i assume he was probably a republican -- >> he was a democrat. >> i stand corrected. either way that is not a bit of an over reaction and that's a one in a million situation. is that what we're all saying here? >> well, i just don't believe that -- you're going to get the one offs and a lot of times politics plays the game of let's look at the extreme. in this case the majority of the people are not going to over react. and i believe it's really an attempt to demagogue movements like lishs whi like militias which for the most part are very law abiding and the tea party is an ancillary. they're trying to essentially grab that as well. i don't believe most people are reacting to that kind of anger. >> governor keating, obviously a former fbi guy -- >> donny, let me -- >> go ahead. >> okay. i was going to say i don't mean to inject humor here but i think the tea party movement generally upper middle aged people, white males, and prosperous, you know, most of us can't be violent.
3:36 pm
we're too old. but the reality is i know a number of people who are mad as heck at the government, high taxes, heavy regulation, they just aren't happy at all and for the first time in their lives they're not just voting. they're picking up cardboard signs. they're putting together a sign saying down with the government. down with whom ever the elected official is. i don't think that's unhealthy at all. matter of fact i think to let that steam out is probably fine. the challenge for me as a former fbi agent, former law enforcement guy, is to encourage people if they see somebody going beyond that and really whacking out to let us know so we can do something about it because we want to save lives. we lost all these wonderful people here in oklahoma city 15 years ago including 19 babies. mcveigh was mad at the atf, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, and the fbi. guess what? not one atf agent was harmed and the fbi wasn't even in this building. he killed 168 people, some standing in line to get social security. what did that have to do with his beef? absolutely nothing. >> all right. stick around.
3:37 pm
kevin, we come back, a lot of people say there's a racial undertone under the tea party movement. you say bah humbug so we're going to quell some of the anger here. our panel sticking around after the break. plus the high court weighing in on workers' rights when it comes to messages. then why a man was busted by cops in his daughter's barbie -- i got a barbie car at home. don't mess with barbie. (announcer) regular kool-aid. goes almost three times further than soda. kool aid. delivering more smiles per gallon.
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we are back with more of our specification week-long series "america the angry." frank keating is the former governor of oklahoma. kevin jackson the author of "the big black lie" and peter wood is the author of "a bee in the mouth anger in america." kevin, back to you. violence aside when i hear 80% of this country thinks they cannot trust this government, this is not a heightened sense of anger? >> i really don't believe so, donny. i believe people are just frustrated that the government has stopped listening to them.
3:41 pm
i don't blame any particular group in this case. i think government has slipped away over the past few years but i think it's been more exacerbated in the present administration and that's why you're getting more people striking out. >> is it more exacerbated or i go back to the last administration, the deficit issue was the same, unemployment was climbing. is this just a function of who we are that kind of at the later stages of a great society that there's always going to be the anti-movement and it's at a heightened sense because of the media world we live in? >> i disagree that it was the same. i believe we were inching toward things and i remind people it was the same congress for the most part that is in control now. for the most part this administration has really pushed the envelope on policy in terms of disregarding the will of the people. that's why you're getting the tea party movement growing as strong as it has and the anger you're feeling is just people saying enough is enough. i don't believe that anger is going to boil over to the tipping point. i believe it's just anger that says in november we're going to
3:42 pm
show you who the real boss is. >> peter, i want to talk about that anger. in your book you say for the first time declaring absolute anger for one's opponent is a sign not of sad excess but good character. nothing scary about that? once again we're all whistling in the wind and i'm the only one concerned about what i'll call this superfluous dose of anger? that sounds like a concerned statement to me. >> it is. i think something has gone seriously amiss with our politics both left and right. it's a matter that we now think shouting at people and expressing this anger is a really good way to conduct our civic affairs. it's not. >> governor keating, along those lines, once again, i'm a behaviorist and all my experience is when two guys at a bar start shouting at each other that tends to lead to a fight. if mr. woods' book and his supposition is right about this new anger that over the top anger is -- shows character and it's bragging rights and in my blog i can hide behind my blog and say everybody sucks and everything is wrong, that's not a precursor to violence?
3:43 pm
everything i've seen in my life shows it is. >> remember back in the '50s that lady whacked adlai stevenson with a sign. unfortunately, there are people who do dumb, criminal, bad things. but the reality is to raise your voice to be heard, to argue, to disagree, that is healthy and that's american. but this is where the schools come in. we need to teach civics. how come mcveigh didn't learn that if he didn't like the atf then get a congressman to repeal the atf? he never learned that. if people are raising their voices too much it's important that families and schools engage and say, look. it's great to argue. it's great to challenge each other, even to shake your fist at each other, but beyond that, okay. settle down. let's vote. that's how a diverse society like ours survives. i'm catholic and only 3% of the people in oklahoma are catholics. i was governor here two terms. we have a jewish state treasurer. only 1% are jews.
3:44 pm
we had a statewide election, elected african-american, only 5% are african-americans. so that's america. it'll only be that way if everybody realizes you can argue and you can yell at each other but don't clench your fist and hit somebody. >> speaking of clen ching yochi fist, you guys, hey, we've got two sides. look at what's happened with bullying in the schools. there's been bullying since the beginning of history. it's going to a new level, whether caught on videos, videotaping themselves as they're bullying. a girl killed herself and still you contend there's not a heightened level of tension, of anger, of fear in this country that could lead to more unimaginable things? no concern of that at all? take the bullying for instance. >> well, the bullying, donny, i'll tell you, you said it earlier. it's something that's been going on in school for decades, for years. i mean, not even decades. for centuries. the only difference today is people have cell phones and all types of ways to document it. but it's the same thing that's been going on.
3:45 pm
you cover whatever issue it is. hazing in college. the only difference today is you would be able to videotape it and find 5,000 people that would be able to spread it. i don't believe any of these issues are any different. >> boy, you know what? i wish i saw -- you guys are lucky. you sleep well at night. i'm a little more with president clinton that we've got to really look harder at what we are now as a character, as a society and how we look at things. it's nice to hear from you guys. i'll call it whistling in the dark but what do i know? tonight msnbc looks back on the case of oklahoma city bomber, 15 years after the attack. rachel maddow hosts "the mcveigh tapes, confessions of an american terrorist." it's compelling stuff. got to see it at 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. new details about a freeze on adoptions in russia. we're now learning just how long it may take before an agreement is reached between the u.s. and russia. plus, in keeping with our "america the angry" theme this week we'll take a look at some of the biggest sports outbursts of all time. of wonder ? ♪
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welcome back to msnbc. we want to bring you the fastest three minutes in news. we go down to the wire with a lightning strike at dwi and a toy car and a strange pizza topping. are you ready? hit the clock. first up, a case concerning sexually charged text messages is now awaiting a final supreme court ruling. the decision could impact employee rights. in this case a california s.w.a.t. sergeant sued the city saying the police department violated his privacy after they uncovered inappropriate messages to his wife and his mistress. also in california, a sanity clara politician wants to ban happy meals. the county supervisor is looking to limit local restaurants from offering a toy with meals that are high in calories. and in houston, a man carrying a metal folding chair was hit by lightning at a pickup
3:50 pm
soccer game. one of the players saw it happened and rushed to give the man cpr and paramedics said that saved his life. adoptions to the u.s. could remain suspended from russia for up to two months after an american family sent an 8-year-old boy back to moscow. before talks can begin, a u.s. negotiator has to wait until flights can back on track from the volcano delays. the flight cancellations are also wilting the flower export business. flights between israel and the u.s. must pass through european airspace. from the czech republic, airport officials are trying to entertain passengers stranded by ash clouds giving tours of restricted areas including cockpits of some grounded planes. thousands of people took advantage of the tour this weekend calling it truly memorable.
3:51 pm
in australia, a new pizza topping. one cafe has locust listed as a menu item. the infestation stripped 190,000 square miles of vegetation. imagine a grown man driving this. well, the u.k. mail reports police in great britain arrested a 40-year-old man driving around the road at 4 miles an hour in his daughter's barbie wheels power car. he was drunk. the car may be small but punishment was not. the father of four got a dwi and lost his license for three years. at the white house, an adorable sight as a group of ducklings waddles around the grounds. new york, new york, tops the list of the best places in the world for men to live, work and play. a new survey by website ask shows despite economic
3:52 pm
troubles the city that never sleeps still has the best to offer for men. and that brings us down to the wire. and now back to a man for whom new york has been very good to. donny deutsch. >> no complaints here. that's for other show. thanks. this week at 3:00 p.m. we'll focus on america the angry. we look at the topic of anger and when we begin with our favorite sports confrontations. the top three sports anger confrontations. first, coach versus coach. >> you single them out. shut up. >> hey. hey. >> i'll kill you. you remember that. when i see you, i'm going to kick your ass. >> that was john chaney for a fellow coach after he saw a cheap shot by some players.
3:53 pm
and number two, form kansas city royals manager hal mcrae. >> you think i'm a [ bleep ] fool. tired of all these questions every night. stay out. >> and in number one sports anchor sitting down with jim everett but actually jim rome. >> we have no problems then. >> you probably won't say it again. >> i bet i do. >> chris. >> why can't he all just be friends? that's our show for monday. i'll be back this week at 3:00 p.m. eastern looking at america the angry. up neck, not an angry man.
3:54 pm
a fine man. dylan ratigan. "the dylan ratigan show" is next with the latest on the goldman sachs pullout. is it the tip of the iceberg? dylan, take it away. will everyone with constipation please report to gate 17?
3:55 pm
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good afternoon. today goldman sachs hitting back planning a war against our government over accusations of fraud even as countries and companies around the world lineup to investigate the financial giant for its potential war on the rest of us. and new debate about the tea party. tim mcveigh and the legacy of the oklahoma city bombing on the 15th anniversary and also kicking off green week. a woman who says she isn't having children in order to save the earth. the show starts right now. in america today, executives
3:58 pm
at goldman sachs deny that they deliberately misled their customers we're seeing more evidence to the contrary. goldman denying the allegations that in that s.e.c. suit saying that it will fight them one of the bosses even quoted as calling this an all-out war. if any other company were saying these sorts of things, you would probably dismiss their power to take on the united states federal government but consider that people tied to goldman sachs and their access to power and their control of our government. people like bob ruben who set arg architecture for so many of these schemes and how ruben was long on counsel to clinton. or even president obama's key economic adviser for the duration of his presidency who while never working for goldman sachs was happy to collect piles
3:59 pm
of money to make speeches to goldman sachs including $135,000 for a one-day visit in '08. larry summers also voting for bob ruben on that long advice given to the president some ten years ago, 11 years now i suppose. three administrations with three members of the goldman family helping to call the shots. and then there's goldman's lobbying money. $2.38 million to congress last year alone. don't forget the word amount of money no politician in history has taken as much goldman money as president obama took during his '08 campaign. nearly a million dollars. that will get you a nice payout with no strings attached. think about the $12.9 billion of your money goldman received through the back door aig bailout paid 100 cents on the dollar under an order from the new york federal reserve chaired at the time by your friendly neighborhood treasury secretary tim geithner.


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